Friday, 28 May 2010

On how to sneak in a BioMed Central Open Access turtle into 'The Gherkin' - London - Part One

As a follow on from this recent post on FriendFeed, my Gulliver Turtle clone has been training even harder after it's rigorous week long training session at BMC's HO (you can now, on request, get you own by emailing Gulliver directly) and I are training it down to London a week on Thursday for BioMed Central's turtely fantastic 10th Anniversary and 4th Annual Research Awards event being hosted in London's most prestigious St. Mary Axe, aka, The Gherkin.

Gulliver clone #536 inspects Mr G. S. of Glasgow's invite and shortly thereafter, fell of it's stool (Gulliver, not Mr G. S. of Glasgow and/or the invitation).

Providing clone #536 and I get through strict ID security checks upon arrival (and my dress code is deemed as being sufficiently 'smart'), we'll team up to bring y'all some neat footage (maybe even a tweet or three) once we're inside this turtely awesome structure.


SECRET PASSCODE looks like it's gonna be, "Does my turtle look big in this?".

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Open Science Contact List

(Image c/o Judy Breck - Flickr)

Back in March, I decided to place into the public domain a working document with contact details for many of the key folks I've connected with in the Open Access Community since late 2006.


Last weekend on FriendFeed, I came across the following video:-

Following my conversation yesterday with Josh Sommer, Executive Director of the Chordoma Foundation, it would be really useful to work on a similar document but this time, one containing contact details for people who are directly/indirectly affiliated and/or associated in Open Science. As matters stand, (correct me if I'm wrong), I do not think that such a list already exists. If it does, then I will happily scrap this project.

Unlike the previous list, rather than doing this on my own, it would seem much more appropriate to start this myself and then crowd source. As such, I've set up a new Google Doc in the public domain to which anyone can view/edit:-

Open Science Contact List

With my Patient Advocacy hat on, I am mainly thinking about the Life Sciences, but sense that this should also be extended to other areas such as Citizen Sciences.

I would be most grateful for your assistance in helping build a working document/resource which I hope will be of use to many many people/organizations across the world.

Thank you,