Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Stuff we found on ebay video

(HT again AJC)

Which leads on to this fabby "Weird Al Yankovic" Parody of "Complicated". Sorry Ms. Lavigne

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Swedish Chemist

No offense to my Swedish friends (the accents are apparently more Finnish) but this sketch came into conversation earlier today with a local shop-keeper.


Some other great 'Not the 9 O'clock News' sketches:-

I like Trucking

Breakfast with the McEnroes


Judge Sketch

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Music 2.0 Book by Gerd Leonhard

Gerd Leonhard's Music2.0 Book Trailer

Buy Gerd Leonhard's new book directly from the author!

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Media Futurist Website

Media Futurist Blog

(HT Gavin Baker)

Monday, 10 March 2008

Film Trailers/Mid Air Cinema

Watching movies has never been a big deal for me personally.

I have always been inspired by multi-media things though.

I have to say though that this trailer really grabbed my attention a few years ago and that thanks to Virgin Atlantic, this (Kill Bill 1) was on the video menu (choice of 50 films) during the flight.

The music inspired a song/idea (unfinished business) but the film itself was fab.

Monday, 3 March 2008

A Different week at Work

Today was a good day in many ways, so I wanted to express my thoughts in a fashion of my own choosing.

On this occasion, mainly musically.


As I woke up

I was thinking of many things.

I hit the road

During the daily journey, I thought about our beloved Scottish countryside

Nothing worse when one gets off a plane

or train when it rains

After walking through water

I found a reasonably safe haven.

One recalled that one had a meeting later that day. Could it be tonight?

No, tomorrow – phew.

Life would be much easier if one could see into the future

OK I arrive in a “strange location”. Not that strange really, it’s not far from home but the environment is new for moi.

Every time

I walk into a (large) new space I think many things. I felt at home here which was fab.

Great to put “the life I’ve come to live” behind me at least for a day and move forward.

One steps into new pastures, new fields are on or are over the horizons.

Let it Breathe springs to mind.

Being reasonably Proud of the day’s developments, I end with this lo-cost Ghostmaker demo.

[Disclaimer - I have an involvement in the recording front of all this material]


photos, tags etc. to follow.....