Sunday, 13 April 2008

'Open Access Week': Some Posts from the Blogosphere


As was recently mentioned in several blogs such as here here and here, the idea of (the world's first - and not last) 'Open Access Week' was thought of, simmered/stirred, and then put into action.

As OA week draws to a close today, I thought I would post a summary in chronological order of many (not all) of the OA related items (that I found today) in the blogosphere over the last week.

Much much better still, go check out the Open Access News blog maintained so diligently by Peter Suber and also now, his trusty assistant editor, Gavin Baker.

Very importantly, as Peter Suber points out:-

"BTW, if you take part, please mention at some point that the NIH is collecting public comments on the policy until May 1. It would be a shame to generate a new wave of support for the policy and not have it show up when the NIH is evaluating responses. Publishers who oppose the policy are sure to submit their comments."

Hat tip to bloggers Martin Fenner and Bob O'Hara for helping to get the ball rolling.


NIH public access law is now being implemented

A day worth celebrating

April 7, 2008 - NIH Public Access Policy implemented today

NIH Public Access to Begin

The old ways fade

A landmark law for open access to biomedical research

Today is an important day for Open Access

Removal of permission barriers is already part of the definition of OA

Reactions to the NIH policy

Scotland's First University-Wide Green Open Access Self-Archiving Mandate

NIH Mandate on Open Access - Good First Step, Thanks to PLoS et al, but still a long way to go

Harold Varmus on the NIH Green Open Access Self-Archiving Mandate

Publishing in an ASBMB journal? You can get a CC license for your paper - at a price

Government in the Web 2.0 Age

EUA urges universities to develop clear strategies to advance open access

Top researchers talk about Open Access

Open Access Part I - Early Canadian Involvement to 1999

Open Access to Scholarly Communications

International journal of mental health systems : Biomed Central

Europe Pushes for Open Access of Research

Open Access UpToDate

PubMed Central Journals — Full List Search by part or all of a journal name

'Wikinomics' Sheds More Light on Open Source

Assistant Editor - London

Free Database Access for National Library Week

Bentham Open Access Journals

Open Notebook Science and Cheminformatics

Repository66 map updated

"To celebrate the first ever ‘Open Access Week‘ running from the 7th to the 11th April 2008, the maps have been upgraded with lots of the latest open access repositories that have sprung up over the last few months."

There are now over 920 repositories shown on the map, containing a whopping 8 million items between them!

All Your Research Belongs to You

Blog Discussion Post #4 - Open Access

Open Access: what it means for research, teaching, and one's career

JSTOR rant

Professors Boycotting Academic Journals

Repository, Archive, Network, Database, Library, Platform: Different names, same shtick?

More on OA monographs: when authors consent and publishers don't

New Journal Ranking Source

Five more BioMed Central journals indexed by Thomson Scientific

Another competitive edge of Open Access

Publisher’s talking points put them in a head to head ignorance fight with the RIAA

Networking Scientific Literature

Open Access, Scholarly Publications: Rewrite on PubMed Central and Open Access

Indian science could gain from open access push

Cornell University Library and Duke University Press to Collaborate on Project Euclid

NIH now requires open-access to manuscripts

Sharing knowledge: how the internet is fueling change in anthropology

OER Commons

Public Access to NIH Research - Prof Harold E Varmus

University of Southampton announces institutional Open Access mandate

Open Science Directory: New Open Access Initiative for Developing Countries

NIH Funded Research - PubMed Central now mandatory depository, with Open Access after 12 months at most

Open Access to Knowledge and Information: Scholarly Literature and Digital Library Initiatives – the South Asian Scenario

Open Access Week - kudos to the Wellcome Trust

Learning 2.0-- Brown and Adler

Free databases at ebscohost

Dissertation Proposal -- Next draft

and a splendid time was had by all…

Culture of Sharing Forum

Issues in Scholarly Communications Class

Commons-Related Conferences

Promoting OA repositories in India


Being a(n unpaid) Musician by trade, I end with this fab new music related blog.


PA said...

Great list, McDawg. I didn't catch all of these when they were posted, so it looks like I've got some reading to do.

McDawg said...

Thanks PA. It was fun pulling all of this together...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great list on Open Access, McDawg! And for including my post.

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