Sunday, 27 July 2008

BBC Scotland Investigates: 2008: Scotland's Hidden Epidemic: The Truth About Multiple Sclerosis


A major donation from Harry Potter author JK Rowling will help combat Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a disease which affects one in 500 Scots. Funding for the £2.5m project will largely come from Multiple Sclerosis Society Scotland, which has been gifted a substantial sum from the author for this work.

Yesterday, my Mum mentioned a documentary on the BBC that she saw the other day that I missed.

Being a UK TV License Fee payer, I was able to watch it online here via the BBCi-player.

If you are able to access it, I urge you to watch this most compelling 30 minute programme.

Living life with multiple sclerosis by Elizabeth Quigley, BBC Scotland

Whilst I never met her, my Mum’s mum died at an early age due to MS. The documentary was therefore of particular interest to us and I would suspect, the ~ 10,500 MS patients in Scotland and beyond.

The documentary features an interview with author, JK Rowling. JKR apparently rarely speaks about the loss of her own mother at an early age (45) to MS but chose to do so here and also here.

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