Sunday, 21 December 2008

Where in the world is my nearest Institutional Repository?

"This site is a mashup of data from ROAR and OpenDOAR overlayed onto Google maps. You can read about the development of the maps on the repository map mashup blog".

McDawg has known about Repository 66 for about 18 months now but hadn't blogged anything until now. This was overdue.

Muchos Kudos to Stuart Lewis @ Aberystwyth University in Wales for maintaining the Repository 66 website/Maps and blog.

See the "About The Maps" page for more details about Repository 66.

As of 18th Dec 2008, "There are 11,351,618 items held in the 1177 repositories on this map".

Consider this. From the Rep66 blog in May 2008, there were 8.7 million items collectively. As such, in the space of only 7 months, I make that an increase of 2.5 million !!

Also of interest is the Stuart Lewis’ Blog - RSS.

Institutional Repository wiki

Regardless of where you choose to publish your work, PLEASE archive a copy for the world to see.

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