Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The HMS Beagle Project launches Podcast #1

I don't believe it....

Despite my new-ish interest in all things Charles Darwin related, I've yet to write a blog post relating to Darwin although I continue to assist in the construction process of a short Darwin related film project.


Let's set the scene for this post, then.

5th April 2009
- "Dr Karen James (director of science, The HMS Beagle Project) working hard on depleting the world's coffee stocks and the new website while surrounded by laptops and Flip video recorders. All very web 2.0. We are working, honest".

6th April 2009 - The first Beagle Project podcast....

"The first Beagle Project podcast is an interview with Dr. Karen James, the BP's director of science. It goes all the way from low earth orbit to the classroom. So whether you want to know what a 170 year old ship has to do with science, why we'll be talking to the International Space Station and why a biology student in a classroom on a Tuesday afternoon should get excited about us, listen in.

It was recorded in the garden of BP director David Lort-Phillips on a lovely spring evening, and you can hear the local birds enthusiastically getting in on the act.

We're going to make podcasts a regular feature of the Beagle Project, so if you've got any ideas for podcasts, any comments, if you want to take part drop us a comment or email. OK. To establish a podcast feed, do we need the podcasts on a discrete blog? I've established a feedburner feed here, but don't want people getting fed whole blogposts when they're just looking for audio. Suggestions/solutions welcome until we go mad and establish The Beagle Channel".

Keep up with Beagle Project news via their website , blog and here on Twitter.

Better still, 'if you share their vision of a new Beagle inspiring the next generation of scientists, please donate. UK taxpayers can now top up their donations with Gift Aid, and we will shortly be able to accept tax exempt donations from US taxpayers'..


Karen James said...

Ooo! Thanks!

Peter Mc said...

From a McGrath to a McBlawg: ta!