Thursday, 29 November 2007

Scanners in the Works?

And first, an advert from Philips.


I spotted this on the BBCi website yesterday.

I found this an interesting read, but if these *animated* images are real and re-producible, this would make this even more interesting.

As the BBCi report says though:- "The cost of the equipment - known as the Brilliance CT - is unclear."

True as laid out here from Philips.

Moreover, this is the only one in (trial) operation of it's kind in the world.


Zip across to England.

Last year, thanks to the inventor of the MRI, we we're given access to data such as this 7T (Tesla) image.

Then there is fEITER which continues to be developed by researchers at the University of Manchester.

Since the latter is portable/hand-held/inexpensive, whilst not a gambling man......

All in all, there is a lot happening out there with regards to these types of technologies !!

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