Friday, 16 November 2007

*Jetlag* or *Jetshag* - The Rise of Mid-Air Viagra?

A friend of mine brought the following to my attention earlier today. Thanks DS.

Viagra (aka "sildenafil") may be *a treatment* for Jetlag apparently.

Where did this stem from?

Evidence based medicine?

Of course not - that's not where most *discoveries* are made in reality.

Dr Patricia Agostino discusses her Hamster work here:-


Like any minded regular (geek) flight orientated person, I conducted a small controlled *experiment* when folks were not looking.

5 minutes later, I managed to (quickly) convince my "n" of 1 that "further research is required".

Becky (or was it Vicky?) & I are doing further long haul mid-Atlantic *in-vivo* work next Summer and once "Peer Reviewed", will be publishing our data via the most commonly used *Publisher* these days of such material - YouTube or was it SciVee ?

Carbon Footprint? Dunno, but I will re-trace my mid-air steps for the common good of science - but of course.

It's a hard life.


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