Saturday, 9 August 2008

BioBarCamp - Institute For The Future 6/7 Aug 08 videos

Livecasts from Cameron Neylon

Click on "On-Demand" and then "BioBarCamp". There you will see click-able links to all six of the talks captured thanks to Cameron.

"BioBarCamp is a barcamp that will bring together life science geeks and anyone else who wants to talk about the life sciences with others interested in the subject. Expect lots of interesting topics, and people from all around the country/planet"

Here's some information about the venue for the event:

"The Institute for the Future (IFTF) is an independent, nonprofit research group with nearly 40 years of forecasting experience. The core of our work is identifying emerging trends and discontinuities that will transform global society and the global marketplace. We provide insights into business strategy, design process, innovation, and social dilemmas. Our research generates the foresight needed to create insights that lead to action. Our research spans a broad territory of deeply transformative trends, from health and health care to technology, the workplace, and human identity. The Institute for the Future is located in Palo Alto, CA."

For a much more detailed overview of the event, skip on over to this post on the Public Rambling blog.

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