Monday, 18 August 2008

How to play a Podcast

Phew. That's better.

Welcome back to Who Wants to Be A Beekeeper.

"I'm your host, Chris Tarentless."

"OK, OK.I've got Dr Henry Gee here who's stuck, and is one question away from winning a whopping million pence (one pence a year)."

Henry asks to phone a friend.

Dramatic music ending with a ping

"Dr Grant, Hello, it's Chris Tarentless from Who Wants to be a Beekeeper."

"Hello, Dr Grant here."

"OK, Dr Gee is stuck on the following question, but is one step away from tonight's Jackpot"

"Hi Henry"

"Hello Richard"


"OK, the final question is, how do you open a podcast file. Henry's had some difficulties earlier in the show on this question, so can you help him?"


"I'll certainly try Chris"

Dramatic music ending with an even louder ping

Cameraman "B" then spins back to Henry's uncertainties:-

"Sorry, Graham: any audio technology substantially in advance of this"

"Searching for Her Master’s Voice"

"is beyond my ability to comprehend. If you happen to have it on a wax cylinder, perhaps you could bring it to the blogathon?"

"Yes, I tried that, but my adapter was the wrong size. Or perhaps I needed new batteries."

"Yes. And also because 18.5 Mb is more Mb than I can eat."


Dull music starting with a quiet bong


"OK, Henry, you've called a friend - what's your final answer"

Is it:-

A) do some gardening
B) hit CTR-ALT-DEL and hope for the best
C) click on the play button
D) throw the bastarding machine out the nearest window


Ernest Scribbler said...

Can I go for 'D', Chris? Yes. 'D'. That's my final answer.

McDawg said...

Dear Ernest Scribbler,

you've just

dramatico drumrollos

lost a million pence.

The correct answer was K) chips 'n cheese.

Sorry Ernest, and you did so well

audience leaves

Next week, we have a guest from Holland who has quite literally, pulled their finger(s) out of a huge Dyke.