Thursday, 13 November 2008

John Wilbanks - Science Commons

“We have to take the things that we actually know and put them together into a usable format, so that anyone who is interested and intelligent enough to form a good question can become a scientist. That’s what we have to do.” John Wilbanks 2008. Revolutionary Minds

It's no secret that McDawg is a strong supporter of Science Commons (SC). This short talk from the VP (John Wilbanks) of SC and Creative Commons (CC) very much resonated here and I hope you enjoy it too.

"The Internet, according to John Wilbanks, has democratized creative culture. Science lags far behind. "The vast majority of science is actually a secret," Wilbanks says. "It's hidden in labs until it gets published, or it's thrown in the autoclave if it's not thought to be worth publishing, or it sits in a fridge because no one knows how to make it available. The fragments never come back together because too many different people have to give permission, and no one can put all the pieces together to ask interesting questions." Wilbanks heads the four-year-old nonprofit Science Commons, an offshoot of Creative Commons. Like its parent, Science Commons is dedicated to creating an open web culture in which users — in this case scientists — can easily share their work".

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Selected from Revolutionary Minds c/o Seed Media Group

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