Monday, 17 November 2008

Tagged by a five things meme

I think this is the first time McDawg has been tagged by any such meme.

This one via Abel Pharmboy so here goes:-

5 Things I was Doing 10 years Ago:
(1) Rehearsing with my rock band twice a week
(2) Regularly recording new material
(3) Rock 'n Roll
(4) Err, what was the question, man?
(5) Namely (1) and (2)

5 Things On My To-Do List Today:
(1) Finish work (currently on lunch)
(2) daily surf round fav sites
(3) what digital camera should I buy?
(4) Dinner & couple of beers
(5) TV/web

5 Snacks I Love:
(1) McCoy’s crisps (aka "potato chips")
(2) extra strong mints
(3) Diet Irn-Bru
(4) Coca Cola
(5) content of office sweetie tin - nom nom nom

5 Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire

(1) spend at least two months a year on this “little” vessel (can’t reveal why this one though), or something similar
(2) find a really interesting job such as (3)
(3) offer to spend some spare time working for the Open Society Institute/Soros Foundation
(4) Invest money in Scotland, most probably, my fav family run malt whisky distillery on the Isle of Islay
(5) Purchase (and hang out at) a couple of new state of the art recording studious in various countries

5 Places I’ve Lived:
(1) With parents, house 1
(2) With parents, house 2
(3) current apartment - self
(4) various camp sites, UK/France (well, vacation)
(5) various youth hostels, UK (well, vacation)

5 Jobs I’ve Had:
(1) Postman
(2) Shop Assistant - Newsagent
(3) Shop Assistant – Record Shop
(4) Motor/Personal Injury Claims Handler
(5) Property Loss Adjuster

McDawg now tags Matt Brown, Anna Kushnir, Henry Gee, Martin “Martinmeme” Fenner and Jean-Claude Bradley

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