Saturday, 7 February 2009

London Snow Timelapse: 21,000 Photographs - remix

Spotted a rather excellent 11 minute timelapse video over at Vimeo of the heaviest snow fall in London for 18 years, captured by digitalurban:-

A timelapse taken using a HD webcam mounted on a roof overlooking Camden Town. A 1600x1200 pixel image was captured every 5 seconds resulting in over 17000 images and 24 Gb of storage.

While not anywhere near the quality of a DLSR it does provide a quick and easy way to capture long duration timelapses - a tutorial is online at for those interested.

Note the build up and melting of the snow on the lens, captured during the heaviest snow fall in London for 18 years.

24 Gb of storage? WOW.

The version at Vimeo has been compressed to 251Meg.

Particularly liked the sections where snow-flakes land on the lens and create rather cool images. The only thing missing in this video for me, is music.

I wasn't able to edit this Quick Time video, so used RAD video tools to convert the file (65 mins.) to WMV, thus allowing me to edit in some music. End result, 174Meg.

Uploaded the following remixed file back over to Vimeo attributing digitalurban but of course:-

London Snow Timelapse: 21,000 Photographs - remix from Graham Steel on Vimeo.


Thom Yorke - Black Swan
Sting - Fields Of Gold
Zero 7 - When It Falls

Now, go and check out the Digital Urban blog....

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