Saturday, 30 January 2010

NHS eLibrary becomes The Knowledge Network‏

(NHS = National Health Service)

But first, by means of some background to this. See this post on Open Access News and also this post on McBlawg.


Via email yesterday:-

From the end of January, all visits to the eLibrary will redirect to The Knowledge Network at We hope you like our new website, which includes :
  • a new faster search;
  • quicker access to journals, articles and books ;
  • many customisation features, enabling you to locate resources you use regularly
  • a new area called My Resource Space, giving you a personal webspace to save and organise resources. (Ed - this, I particularly like the sound of !!)
To contact us, please email

We apologise if
you receive multiple copies of this email. ATHENS Administration Team NHS Education for Scotland Clifton House Clifton Place GLASGOW G3 7LD Tel: 0141 352 2892

Having access to the resources available via the NHS eLibrary has been an important part of my patient advocacy work over the last two years. I very much like the look and feel of The Knowledge Network website already. It's certainly an improvement for the old site good although as it was. I'll definately be keeping a close eye on the new one and must make contact with the people who maintain this really really useful information web portal.

From the new site, see the likes of:-
IMO, more people should be aware of these resources and how lay-people like myself and not just NHS staff, can gain access to them, hence this post.

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