Friday, 2 April 2010

Razzle, Frazzle, Dazzle & Zazzle

Last November, for McDawg's birthday, as the folks at PLoS over the years have very generously kitted me out with PLoS tshirts (and various other stuff), I thought it was time to give something back. So off I went to the new PLoS store and was dazzled at the fine array (page after page) of cool stuff in store.

Very hard to choose what to buy but since I've always wanted a 'Hamsters Love PLoS' item

(not to be confused with this)

and the fact that it was winter, I very quickly established that a hoodie would be ideal. It arrived through the post most speedily.

My bad however for not reading the label inside and as I discovered after this garments first visit to my washing machine, it was labelled 'cold wash only' and the damage was done:-

A few weeks later, during a fairly regular chat with PLoS, I was advised to flag up the issue so I did. What I certainly wasn't expecting was being given face value credit at the store for something to replace it !! As was pointed out to me, have a 100% satisfaction guarantee which unfortunately I wasn't aware of at that time.

So then along came the replacement:-

Whilst partially on topic, as I found out recently,

"It’s worth knowing that there is only one official PLoS store and it contains images and logos that have been approved by the organization. However, if you search on Zazzle for PLoS you will find products bearing our name that have been created by other individuals because Zazzle allows anyone to start their own store and feature their own designs. You are welcome to shop where you wish but only the official PLoS store contains our approved merchandize".

Absolutely !!

Despite the above minor minor incident, I'll certainly be dropping by the PLoS store again soon.

"The plan is to introduce new designs as and when they become available, increase the product range (my son is waiting for the PLoS skateboard), load up cover images, introduce more user customization and make improvements based on your e-mail feedback.

Happy shopping!"

Feed your PLoS t-shirt obsession – announcing the new PLoS store!

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