Monday, 21 June 2010

People collect the weirdest things - Part 2.87

Spotted on page 3 of today's Metro, is the somewhat bizzare case of 44 year old mother-of-three Patti Gaal-Holmes from Wales, UK who has spent the last 11 years "collecting" 32,000 used tea-bags.

WTF !!

Alas, it gets even worse:-

"She then numbers the bag and sometimes notes down who she drank the tea with and anything interesting they discussed".


Oh noes, it gets beyond really weird:-

"She even fishes teabags out of the bin to put in a special box she carries if she is enjoying a cup with a friend who is unaware of her craving".


1 comment:

ENV said...

Here in the States we have our own "Tea-Baggers" who tend to be a dangerously uninformed lot. Yours seems delightfully quaint in comparison...