Saturday, 10 July 2010

Oh Paul, you seriously fucked up this time.

Like a substantial number of folks in the UK, I was following the dramatic events as they unfolded during the eventual capture of man-on-the-run, Raoul Moat last night.

2010 Northumbria Police manhunt - Wikipedia

The stand-off between mister Mooot and Northumbria Police

continued way beyond midnight and other than those who continued to follow the mainstream media/Twitter coverage into the night, I awoke this morning and switched on teh interwebz for an update.

What didn't surprise me was that Mister Mooot had allegedly turned his gun on himself.

As armed Police and trained negotiators allegedly attempted to, well, negotiate the peaceful arrest of said Mr Moat, in an utterly bizarre twist (which I did not believe at first), it would appear that ex-England/Newcastle United/Glasgow Rangers/Lazio/Sunderland soccer legend, Mr Paul Gascgoine (now known even more for all the wrong reasons) appeared in person at the scene of the stand-off in an allegedly drunken state.

From The Sun:- Gazza brings Moat chicken.

"Gascoigne - who had apparently come by taxi from Newcastle - said he had brought the wanted man a "can of lager, some chicken, a mobile phone and something to keep warm".

"But Gazza's agent Kenny Shepherd reacted with disbelief on being told the troubled star had turned up in Rothbury, saying: "He's doing what? I am sitting having an evening meal in Majorca. I'm speechless."

How I long for the Paul Gascoigne et al at his best, but this is surely his worst to date - and that is saying something.




Unrelated (in part) Does Temporary Chief Constable Sue Sim need a make over?

I think so.

'The Daily Fail on Friday likens her to Alice from 'Vicar of Dibley' and Maggie Thatcher's spitting image puppet. I'm an ex senior detective of 30 years service and her and her partner make me cringe every time I see them ' Mister Mooot'. For goodness sake, send in the Ghurkas they'll find him'. says John.

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