Thursday, 8 January 2009


"A small lakeside town in southern New Zealand is not the place you might expect to find one of the planet's great mazes. But Wanaka is home to Stuart Landsborough, maze designer extraordinaire and founder of the town's Puzzling World.

"The maze began life as a standalone attraction in 1973, well before there were any buildings on the site. Thanks to the flexible wooden fence construction, it's gone through various modifications since then. Each change reflected the developing expertise of Landsborough, who put his growing understanding of maze psychology into practice with regular design updates".

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Having been there 'n all that, here's a short video from McDawg:-

A Digital Maze from Graham Steel on Vimeo.

(PS, I appear to have misplaced the .AVI version of this file, so simply re-recorded the edited VHS version to PC).

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