Monday, 19 January 2009

Science Online '09 - How was it.... via the internet?

(image c/o evoque's Flickr Photostream)

Short answer? Different from last time.

My local ISP exchange (apparently) had some problems over the weekend so I didn't manage to keep up with all the Live Coverage of Science Online '09.

Based upon my experience of attending last year's event virtually, I was slightly dissapointed by the lack of live-streaming this year. Two sessions (last year, ~ 9) were live-streamed, this time thanks to Cameron Neylon, one of which I caught live and the other just there now that I'm back online. (Back to those in a sec.)

There was some additional great instant coverage however via FriendFeed and Twitter (and also Flickr) which totally made up for the limited amount of live video.


So, here's a few vids linked to the Conference that are already online:-

1) Rough mix of the scio09 Flickr Stream from Friday featuring The Foo Fighters

Science Online '09 - Friday Shots from Graham Steel on Vimeo.

2) Open Access publishing: present and future - moderated by Bill Hooker and Bjoern Brembs. Discuss here


3) Reputation, authority and incentives. Or: How to get rid of the Impact Factor - moderated by Peter Binfield and Bjoern Brembs. Discuss here

(Specific embed codes don't appear to work for these as yet - as such, simply click on "On Demand", and then Science Online 09 to access the two videos)


Keep up with pre/post Conference Blog and Media Coverage here.


Cameron Neylon said...

Yeh, apologies for the lack of streaming. Had great plans but the wireless wasn't really up to the job. Me thinking that wired access is really required to do this properly. May buy myself one of those neat video cameras as well for when it all goes pear shaped.

Mike Seyfang said...

Thanks for putting this together Graham. I was away on a blissfully disconnected holiday when this took place, so your summary is very helpful.

p.s. I think audio streaming/download is the sweetspot for me. More reliable to produce/emit live from events. Easier to consume in situations like this.


McDawg said...

Most interesting, Mike, I hadn't thought about audio streaming - shall look into this forthwith.