Friday, 9 January 2009

New articles this week in PLoS ONE Published January 1-7, 2009

Atmospheric Hypoxia Limits Selection for Large Body Size in Insects
C. Jaco Klok et al.

Two Host Factors Regulate Persistence of H7a-Specific T Cells Injected in Tumor-Bearing Mice
Marie-Christine Meunier et al.

The Sleeping Brain's Influence on Verbal Memory: Boosting Resistance to Interference
Jeffrey M. Ellenbogen et al.

Molecular Identification of Birds: Performance of Distance-Based DNA Barcoding in Three Genes to Delimit Parapatric Species

Mansour Aliabadian et al.

Neighbourhood Socioeconomics Status Predicts Non-Cardiovascular Mortality in Cardiac Patients with Access to Universal Health Care
Claire L. Heslop et al.

Preferences across the Menstrual Cycle for Masculinity and Symmetry in Photographs of Male Faces and Bodies
Marianne Peters et al.

In-Vitro Helix Opening of M. tuberculosis oriC by DnaA Occurs at Precise Location and Is Inhibited by IciA Like Protein

Sandeep Kumar et al.

Endemicity, Biogeograhy, Composition, and Community Structure On a Northeast Pacific Seamount
Craig R. McClain et al.

Diabetes and the Risk of Multi-System Aging Phenotypes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Feng-Ping Lu et al.

Relatively Low HIV Infection Rates in Rural Uganda, but with High Potential for a Rise: A Cohort Study in Kayunga District, Uganda
David Guwatudde et al.

Gonadal Transcriptome Alterations in Response to Dietary Energy Intake: Sensing the Reproductive Environment
Bronwen Martin et al.

Giant Panda Genomic Data Provide Insight into the Birth-and-Death Process of Mammalian Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II Genes
Qiu-Hong Wan et al.

Olfactory Sex Recognition Investigated in Antarctic Prions
Francesco Bonadonna et al.

Allele-Specific Gene Expression Is Widespread Across the Genome and Biological Processes
Ricardo Palacios et al.

PEG Minocycline-Liposomes Ameliorate CNS Autoimmune Disease
Wei Hu et al.

Can Playing the Computer Game “Tetris” Reduce the Build-Up of Flashbacks for Trauma? A Proposal from Cognitive Science
Emily A. Holmes et al.

Explicit Logic Circuits Discriminate Neural States
Lane Yoder

Peptides Derived from HIV-1 Integrase that Bind Rev Stimulate Viral Genome Integration
Aviad Levin et al.

Will Patients Benefit from Regionalization of Gynecologic Cancer Care?

Kathleen F. Brookfield et al.

Influenza A Virus Induces an Immediate Cytotoxic Activity in All Major Subsets of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells
Sanda Sturlan et al.

Iodine Atoms: A New Molecular Feature for the Design of Potent Transthyretin Fibrillogenesis Inhibitors
Teresa Mairal et al.

Using Pathway Signatures as Means of Identifying Similarities among Microarray Experiments
Luca Beltrame et al.

Temporal Dynamics of Interferon Gamma Responses in Children Evaluated for Tuberculosis
Jean-Louis Herrmann et al.

Ancestral Vascular Lumen Formation via Basal Cell Surfaces
Tomáš Kučera et al.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy with Increased SR Ca2+ Loading Preceded by a Hypercontractile State and Diastolic Failure in the α1CTG Mouse
Su Wang et al.

Valproate, a Mood Stabilizer, Induces WFS1 Expression and Modulates Its Interaction with ER Stress Protein GRP94
Chihiro Kakiuchi et al.

Protein Palmitoylation Regulates Osteoblast Differentiation through BMP-Induced Osterix Expression
Wai Fook Leong et al.

Strong Eukaryotic IRESs Have Weak Secondary Structure
Xuhua Xia et al.

IL2RA/CD25 Gene Polymorphisms: Uneven Association with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)
Antonio Alcina et al.

Differential Expression of A-Type and B-Type Lamins during Hair Cycling
Mubashir Hanif et al.

Population Dynamics Constrain the Cooperative Evolution of Cross-Feeding
James J. Bull et al.

Effective Treatment of Respiratory Alphaherpesvirus Infection Using RNA Interference

Amy Fulton et al.

Increase of Universality in Human Brain during Mental Imagery from Visual Perception

Joydeep Bhattacharya et al.

Transmission in Heteronymous Spinal Pathways Is Modified after Stroke and Related to Motor Incoordination
Joseph-Omer Dyer et al.

Protein Hydrolysates Are Avoided by Herbivores but Not by Omnivores in Two-Choice Preference Tests
Kristin L. Field et al.

Toll-Like Receptor 3 Signaling on Macrophages Is Required for Survival Following Coxsackievirus B4 Infection
Martin J. Richer et al.

Retrieval of Missing Spliced Leader in Dinoflagellates
Huan Zhang et al.

Localized Populations of CD8low/− MHC Class I Tetramer+ SIV-Specific T Cells in Lymphoid Follicles and Genital Epithelium
Jung Joo Hong et al.

Effect of a Standardised Dietary Restriction Protocol on Multiple Laboratory Strains of Drosophila melanogaster
Richard C. Grandison et al.

An Unusual Helix Turn Helix Motif in the Catalytic Core of HIV-1 Integrase Binds Viral DNA and LEDGF
Hayate Merad et al.

Critical Evaluation of Branch Polarity and Apical Dominance as Dictators of Colony Astogeny in a Branching Coral
Lee Shaish et al.

Nevirapine Resistance and Breast-Milk HIV Transmission: Effects of Single and Extended-Dose Nevirapine Prophylaxis in Subtype C HIV-Infected Infants
Anitha Moorthy et al.

Aging Impairs Recipient T Cell Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors in Response to Transplantation
Hua Shen et al.

Nematode Homologue of PQBP1, a Mental Retardation Causative Gene, Is Involved in Lipid Metabolism
Keiko Takahashi et al.

NOTCH2 Is Neither Rearranged nor Mutated in t(1;19) Positive Oligodendrogliomas
Magdalena Benetkiewicz et al.

High-Resolution Analysis of the 5′-End Transcriptome Using a Next Generation DNA Sequencer

Shin-ichi Hashimoto et al.

Metal A and Metal B Sites of Nuclear RNA Polymerases Pol IV and Pol V Are Required for siRNA-Dependent DNA Methylation and Gene Silencing
Jeremy R. Haag et al.

Temporal and Individual Variation in Offspring Provisioning by Tree Swallows: A New Method of Automated Nest Attendance Monitoring
Alexandra P. Rose

Incomplete Inhibition of Sphingosine 1-Phosphate Lyase Modulates Immune System Function yet Prevents Early Lethality and Non-Lymphoid Lesions
Peter Vogel et al.

Display of Cell Surface Sites for Fibronectin Assembly Is Modulated by Cell Adherence to 1F3 and C-Terminal Modules of Fibronectin
Jielin Xu et al.

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