Thursday, 14 February 2008

CNN fires blogger for blogging - WTF

Thanks to a comment left by a blogger over at the JoVE blog, I came across some blogs about the subject matter.

CNN fired American Morning producer Chez Pazienza yesterday.

So what's the background ? At the moment, not much - this only happened yesterday after all. Whilst we only have Chez's side of the story, judging from the blogosphere, Chez got the heave for not seeking permission from CNN before posting blog entries.

So, "CURRENTLY out of a job" Chez err blogged about what happened. It will be interesting to read more from Chez about this and judging from the huge amount of comments received on that posting, he has a lot of support.

From what I can gather, Chez's blog is nothing to do with CNN and/or his (ex) job with them.


Update - drip drip and drip.

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