Thursday, 14 February 2008

Raleigh Blogs Town Hall Live this Friday at 12:15 - video snacking

Twitter ye not......

Raleigh Blogs Town Hall Live, mync, wncn, nbc17

"On Friday, February 15 at 12:15 WNCN NBC 17 will host’s its first live stream video snacking event. Video snacking is known when media companies provide viewers with an online show during lunch time. NBC 17 first live stream video snacking meetup will focus on blogging in and about Raleigh.

Myself along with a few other station community bloggers will be hosting the event. We’re sending out press information and I’m asking all my Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill friends to tune in to watch and participate. This is a big deal to myself and for the station NBC17 to live stream an event with local bloggers and it’s my first project working here."

It's free, so come along and have a virtual pizza with Wayne Sutton and his crew....

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