Saturday, 16 February 2008

Hot Sauce so Hot - it almost requires a permit

Dave's Instant Insanity Sauce

I went with the "temporary insanity" product being new to this untried (by these taste buds at least) bottles of "hot sauce" as musically discussed yonks ago by Thomas Dolby et al.

Hat tip to Greg Laden and this posting.

Now, I like my spices and sauces like the next person.

Judging from Greg's posting, this range is off the Richter Scale in hotness terms. Hold on with both Oven Gloves, Mask and Fan.

Dave's Gourmet Inc. is where you can find, read and consider purchasing various products from this range (pdf).

Is this simply a shameless plug by Greg ? :-

"I believe that the hottest hot sauce you can get without a permit is Dave's Instant Insanity Sauce. It is also one of the best tasting.

That is an unsolicited product endorsement. If you think differently, fine, but you have not tried it so don't be so sure!!!"

This I don't doubt but Mr Tabasco Inc., you have a new guy in town.....


GregLaden said...

No, it's not a shameless plug. I am not affiliated. I just want to spread the pain a little.

McDawg said...

Thanks Greg and well done for spreading the pain.