Saturday, 9 February 2008


What is silobreaker ??

Well, "Silobreaker is an online search service for news and current events that delivers meaning and relevance beyond traditional search and aggregation engines. Its relational analysis and explanatory graphics provide users with unparalleled contextual insight into the news stories of the day." read on

For a more detailed overview and informative demo from silobreaker's CEO, see this video:-

Source, the silobreaker blog of course.

I've only scratched the surface of silobreaker but this is a "MUST GO AND CHECK OUT" news search engine.

Hat-tip (again) to Alan Cann.


Anna said...

You know, I have to be honest. I saw that you joined the Silobreaker group on Facebook and went to check them out. I didn't get it. At all. I don't find the site to be very intuitive. Are you finding it useful?

McDawg said...

Thanks Anna,

As I posted, I've only scratched the surface of Silobreaker.

At present, personally, I would say that I find it "interesting" but not yet "useful".