Wednesday, 15 October 2008

EXiS (Excellence in Science) Open Choice

Since I've been following Prion disease (PrPd) research for seven years now, I've studied a lot of literature in this and other fields.

Upon my latest search of the NeuroPrion database, (of which I have access to but can't widely share) I noted a stack of new Manuscripts about Kuru. When I checked PubMed, I found many of them archived there, at full article level.

It didn't take long to track down this page:-

Volume 363, Number 1510 / November 27, 2008
Theme Issue ‘The end of kuru: 50 years of research into an extraordinary disease’ compiled by John Collinge and Michael P. Alpers

That's 52 new Open Access Manuscripts relating to Kuru research. Kudos to all involved for making all of this broadly accessible for free. I've never seen such a glut of material on Kuru before so have a lot of reading to do. I do wonder however, if these articles will remain OA ??


EXiS Open Choice

EXiS (Excellence in Science) Open Choice is an 'author-pays' model that operates alongside our established subscription model. Under this scheme submission of an article is free, but if it is accepted for publication, the authors are asked to pay a fee to have their article made freely available to all immediately on publication.

By selecting this option, authors benefit in a number of ways:

* the same standards of high-quality, rapid peer-review and production
* the potential for greatly increased dissemination and citation
* publisher deposit of the article in PubMedCentral
* liberal licensing policy through Creative Commons 2.5
* satisfies the requirements of research funders requiring open access publication, such as the NIH,MRC and Wellcome Trust (see

* publication is both online and in print

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