Wednesday, 15 October 2008

New articles this week in PLoS ONE Published October 9-15, 2008

Genetic Disruption of Both Tryptophan Hydroxylase Genes Dramatically Reduces Serotonin and Affects Behavior in Models Sensitive to Antidepressants
Katerina V. Savelieva et al.

ANGLOR: A Composite Machine-Learning Algorithm for Protein Backbone Torsion Angle Prediction
Sitao Wu et al.

The Genetic Liability to Disability Retirement: A 30-Year Follow-Up Study of 24,000 Finnish Twins
Karoliina Harkonmäki et al.

A Nationwide Survey of the Quality of Antimalarials in Retail Outlets in Tanzania
Harparkash Kaur et al.

Evolutionarily Conserved Transcriptional Co-Expression Guiding Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation
Yu Sun et al.

Whole Blood Interferon-Gamma Responses to Mycobacterium tuberculosis Antigens in Young Household Contacts of Persons with Tuberculosis in Uganda

Deborah A. Lewinsohn et al.

Tumor-Infiltrating T Cells Correlate with NY-ESO-1-Specific Autoantibodies in Ovarian Cancer

Katy Milne et al.

Oseltamivir Is Adequately Absorbed Following Nasogastric Administration to Adult Patients with Severe H5N1 Influenza
Walter R. J. Taylor et al.

Optimal-Foraging Predator Favors Commensalistic Batesian Mimicry
Atsushi Honma et al.

Rare Codons Cluster
Thomas F. Clarke et al.

Composition and Function of Haemolymphatic Tissues in the European Common Shrew
Daniel P. Bray et al.

Discovery of a Distinct Superfamily of Kunitz-Type Toxin (KTT) from Tarantulas
Chun-Hua Yuan et al.

Gene Expression Profiling of Two Distinct Neuronal Populations in the Rodent Spinal Cord
Jesper Ryge et al.

Accuracy of Immunodiagnostic Tests for Active Tuberculosis Using Single and Combined Results: A Multicenter TBNET-Study
Delia Goletti et al.

An Analysis of Human MicroRNA and Disease Associations
Ming Lu et al.

Detection and Molecular Characterization of 9000-Year-Old Mycobacterium tuberculosis from a Neolithic Settlement in the Eastern Mediterranean
Israel Hershkovitz et al.

Comparison of Population-Based Association Study Methods Correcting for Population Stratification
Feng Zhang et al.

Distribution and Effects of Nonsense Polymorphisms in Human Genes
Yumi Yamaguchi-Kabata et al.

Inhibition of α-Synuclein Fibrillization by Dopamine Is Mediated by Interactions with Five C-Terminal Residues and with E83 in the NAC Region
Fernando E. Herrera et al.

Accuracy of Predicting the Genetic Risk of Disease Using a Genome-Wide Approach

Hans D. Daetwyler et al.

Sensory Response System of Social Behavior Tied to Female Reproductive Traits
Jennifer M. Tsuruda et al.

ROCK1 and LIMK2 Interact in Spread but Not Blebbing Cancer Cells
Kerry F. Shea et al.

Differential Effects of Aging on Fore– and Hindpaw Maps of Rat Somatosensory Cortex
Marianne David-Jürgens et al.

Genetic Traces of Recent Long-Distance Dispersal in a Predominantly Self-Recruiting Coral
Madeleine J. H. van Oppen et al.

Repression of FLOWERING LOCUS C and FLOWERING LOCUS T by the Arabidopsis Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 Components
Danhua Jiang et al.

M-CSF Signals through the MAPK/ERK Pathway via Sp1 to Induce VEGF Production and Induces Angiogenesis In Vivo
Jennifer M. Curry et al.

Y-SNPs Do Not Indicate Hybridisation between European Aurochs and Domestic Cattle
Ruth Bollongino et al.

Human Keratinocytes Are Vanilloid Resistant

László Pecze et al.

Worm Grunting, Fiddling, and Charming—Humans Unknowingly Mimic a Predator to Harvest Bait
Kenneth C. Catania

Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition of a Primary Prostate Cell Line with Switches of Cell Adhesion Modules but without Malignant Transformation
Xi-Song Ke et al.

Rapid SNP Discovery and Genetic Mapping Using Sequenced RAD Markers
Nathan A. Baird et al.

Dendritic Cells Release HLA-B-Associated Transcript-3 Positive Exosomes to Regulate Natural Killer Function
Venkateswara Rao Simhadri et al.

A New Antigen Retrieval Technique for Human Brain Tissue

Raúl Alelú-Paz et al.

Underutilization of Social Insurance among the Poor: Evidence from the Philippines

Stella Quimbo et al.

Interleukin-10 Promotes Pathological Angiogenesis by Regulating Macrophage Response to Hypoxia during Development
Dru S. Dace et al.

Beneficial Effects of HIV Peptidase Inhibitors on Fonsecaea pedrosoi: Promising Compounds to Arrest Key Fungal Biological Processes and Virulence
Vanila F. Palmeira et al.

Knockdown of MBP-1 in Human Foreskin Fibroblasts Induces p53-p21 Dependent Senescence

Asish K. Ghosh et al.

Different Transcriptional Control of Metabolism and Extracellular Matrix in Visceral and Subcutaneous Fat of Obese and Rimonabant Treated Mice
Carine Poussin et al.

A-Type GABA Receptor as a Central Target of TRPM8 Agonist Menthol
Xiao-Bing Zhang et al.

Functional Deficits in nNOSμ-Deficient Skeletal Muscle: Myopathy in nNOS Knockout Mice
Justin M. Percival et al.

A Functional Role for 4qA/B in the Structural Rearrangement of the 4q35 Region and in the Regulation of FRG1 and ANT1 in Facioscapulohumeral Dystrophy

Iryna Pirozhkova et al.

Requirement of RIZ1 for Cancer Prevention by Methyl-Balanced Diet

Wenyun Zhou et al.

Impaired Autophagy of an Intracellular Pathogen Induced by a Crohn's Disease Associated ATG16L1 Variant
Petric Kuballa et al.

Symphysiotomy in Zimbabwe; Postoperative Outcome, Width of the Symphysis Joint, and Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice among Doctors and Midwives

Hege Langli Ersdal et al.

Positive Regulation of DNA Double Strand Break Repair Activity during Differentiation of Long Life Span Cells: The Example of Adipogenesis

Aline Meulle et al.

Factors Contributing to the Biofilm-Deficient Phenotype of Staphylococcus aureus sarA Mutants

Laura H. Tsang et al.

Evolutionary Signatures of Common Human Cis-Regulatory Haplotypes
Ching Ouyang et al.

A Non-Canonical Function of Zebrafish Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase Is Required for Developmental Hematopoiesis
Shintaro Imamura et al.

ama1 Genes of Sympatric Plasmodium vivax and P. falciparum from Venezuela Differ Significantly in Genetic Diversity and Recombination Frequency
Rosalynn L. Ord et al.

Dysfunction of Nrf-2 in CF Epithelia Leads to Excess Intracellular H2O2 and Inflammatory Cytokine Production

Junnan Chen et al.

Probing Metagenomics by Rapid Cluster Analysis of Very Large Datasets

Weizhong Li et al.

Genome Wide Identification of Recessive Cancer Genes by Combinatorial Mutation Analysis
Stefano Volinia et al.

Mutants of GABA Transaminase (POP2) Suppress the Severe Phenotype of succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase (ssadh) Mutants in Arabidopsis
Frank Ludewig et al.

Cortical Activations in Humans Grasp-Related Areas Depend on Hand Used and Handedness
Chiara Begliomini et al.

Hemispheric Specialization in Dogs for Processing Different Acoustic Stimuli

Marcello Siniscalchi et al.

Rapid Chromosome Evolution in Recently Formed Polyploids in Tragopogon (Asteraceae)
K. Yoong Lim et al.

Tree of Life Based on Genome Context Networks
Guohui Ding et al.

Discovery and Expansion of Gene Modules by Seeking Isolated Groups in a Random Graph Process
Jochen Brumm et al.

CD44s and CD44v6 Expression in Head and Neck Epithelia

Brigitte Mack et al.

Effect of Adjunct Metformin Treatment in Patients with Type-1 Diabetes and Persistent Inadequate Glycaemic Control. A Randomized Study
Søren Søgaard Lund et al.

Mutual Mate Choice: When it Pays Both Sexes to Avoid Inbreeding
Mathieu Lihoreau et al.

Virulent Synergistic Effect between Enterococcus faecalis and Escherichia coli Assayed by Using the Caenorhabditis elegans Model
Jean-Philippe Lavigne et al.

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