Wednesday, 1 October 2008

"Science v's Sport" - The New Online Debate

Please do go and check out this rather excellent post on Dr Jenny Rohn's tip-top blog, Mind The Gap.

I tend to agree with Dr Rohn on all fronts thus far, and as she said in her closing para:-

"...At that moment, I wondered how we could get more coverage of science into the world; not rehashed, regurgitated and mangled press-released data, but the sweaty, messy, human endeavor as it unfolds before us, outcome uncertain and all to play for. Such attention might not be comfortable for scientists, but if mere athletes can stand the heat, why couldn’t we?"

Midway through the comments thus far is the following in terms of the coverage of sport.

From Stephen Curry:-

"Sport also has the advantage over science that it is utterly, utterly pointless and therefore lends itself to hyping/trivialisation by the media as so wonderfully demonstrated here:"

Cue this rather majestic piece.....

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