Tuesday, 14 October 2008

OHS - Open Housekeeping Stuff

I do my best to maintain my apartment to pretty reasonable standards.

Yesterday, with under an hours notice, some visitors popped by.

As such, some general last minute general cleaning, I thought would suffice.


Just before they left, one guest had a few comments to make so I prepared a Steel House Complaint Form:-

The individual who completed the form apologised from the onset for their grammatical errors. Fair enough - she be aged 10.


1) SQUKEK FRIGE - OK, I have some WD-40 somewhere
2) BROKE TILES - yes, there are three tiles I need to replace in the bathroom
3) WOBELY CHAIRS - two of my four kitchen table chairs need minor screwdriver TLC
4) NON CLEAN FISH TANK - can't argue with that and will clean the tank this week

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